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Friday, April 19, 2002

Dan Gillmor was at CFP and mentions it on his blog, he did an effective job role-playing as a reporter yesterday, one might think he knows something of the topic ;-)

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Thursday, April 18, 2002

David Singer mentioned that I should check out http://xraynet.editthispage.com. It's worth a look he works for Salon at the Inkwell evidently. Correction: He is posted to Inkwell and using a Salon laptop, I don't know if he's affliated.

I realized other folks have given Proxim props for giving us the wireless access here at CFP and I haven't done so yet, I would be really remiss without giving them due credit, no cost just online access. It has worked well for the most part so I am very thankful.

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The DMCA program is a role-play is hilarious. A good way of giving a light-hearted look at a serious issue.

Now on to the serious panel discussion.
Copyright holders want all the rights, but none of the responsiblities. i.e. fair use, going to public domain

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Jason Mark with Global Exchange had good thoughts and points. About started with education and that will lead to action good point. Alot of social equality activists in the room not surprising in Cali I suppose....

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I'm not the only one blogging from the room.

Interesting blog actually...

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I am at the panel on Online Activism, while it is covering the issue, it is more like a chance for activists to highlight their cause than discussing how to effectively organize...a disappointment.

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Patents inherently have a transaction cost - Tim O'reilly (Regardless of cost....the fact you have that extra step is a barrier to entry) great idea...

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At the Open Source panel, looking at the patents and the future open standards.

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The Privacy and Location services panel was great and very literary in bent. M$, ATT, and Versign sat at the panel where Jason Catlett and the audience beat up on them. Fun.

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Michael Dietsch is also blogging at CFP, but not actively in the conference hall.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2002

There is a group posting on CFP over at the Well.

POSTSCRIPT: This thread has really had some great coverage and notes of CFP, far better than my notes, I have been only managing to type impressions not detailed notes....

.: posted by Thomas 3:17 PM

Privacy and Patriot
Alot of participant input and interest on the role of the public involvement the process of the development of the Patriot act.

A DoJ official suggests that alot of the things in the Patriot act were proposed and argued well .before Sept 11. So that was part of the vetting process, they had already been involved before....

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Lot's of folks with laptops, I wonder if anyone else has a blog running...

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Truth is the First Casualty of War - Availability of Information Post 9/11
Kevin Poulsen is moderator.

Chris Hoofnagle, EPIC.
His premise is that Bush has fought against individual privacy and efforts to restrict government flow of information even before September 11th. Very anti-GW Bush...runs Privacy.org He says Tom Ridge is drafting laws....(not a member of Congress, who is going to propose it or sponsor?)

Lee Tien, EFF
Very even handed presentation. The message is that Bush has been against promoting openness in government from the start of the administration, even before Sept.11. Also there is an inherent bias by government agency to not have to release documents. FOIA being tightened up.

Michael Aisenberg of Versign is now speaking. He is a more elequent person, more polished speaker than the other two speakers.

All the CFP proceedings and presentations are here...

Michael is in Lion den, but he seems to be handling his own.

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National ID
Grover Norquist was supposed to be on this panel, but he didn't show up.

Jay Maxwell, American Assn of Motor Vehicles Administrators, as they say there is a trade group for everyone ;-)
Mostly talking about fraud and eliminating it...I suspect he'll get the toughest questions of the group.

Andrew Schulman, loosely affiliated with Privacy Foundation, post Sept 11 get past Security vs. Privacy debate. In most articles the person promoting the concept is generally....Homeland security budget is pork for IT industry...

The case of border crossing cards, how effective...inpact as an id standard....wireless access is spotty...fading in and out...often...
Schulman Do we just hand out the documents by mail or internet? Not secure, do we interview for a national id? Only 255 Million people to interview Fun speaker..his speech is here

Deidre (missed last name) presented the difficult issues....6,000 forms of birth certificate....wow....interesting topic...the issues are very challenging...even more so than I suspected....

Peter Swire is discussing State Wiretap laws, especially post September 11th. Report being issued today on the topic by Constitution Project Report is available here.

No Q&A for this session.

.: posted by Thomas 9:58 AM

Opening Speaker: James Bamford
Talking about NSA and leading into his new book, Body of Secrets. Talking about how he got alot more assistance with this book than his first book. 35,000 people work at NSA, 50 buildings...didn't realize it was that large.

NSA takes it's used paper, pulps it and makes it into pizza boxes. Very interesting...got a big laugh from the audience.

FISA warrants is a big part of the speech. Didn't know much about it. Evidently they are not turned down very often if ever.

In US you have Constitutional rights...outside of US all rules are gone...govt can use surveillance with a free hand...

Great question....If NSA can't listen in on American citizens or UK on Brits, etc, etc then can British listen in on Americans and give the data to NSA...
Answer: Still illegal regardless of source...doesn't occur to Bamford's knowledge.

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Okay folks we are live, I am on a buddies computer, but using my wireless card. It seems to be working fine so expect updates...

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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

At CFP 2002 reports to follow....the fun begins...Kyoto Sushi rocks....very tasty...

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